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Maybe it's better

How it was? It was great! I think... It feels like I was in Kharkov just a few hours, but I wasn't home almost two weeks! I don't know why.

Good things: I have almost the best weekend in my last life!

Bad things: I didn't pass the test. I should be better!

What about debates - we went not to win, but to level-up ;) So I'm not very sad about our 34 of 64 place X))) There were very strong teams, so it was predicated. Kangaroo was tired last day, so he was angry and a little apathetic. But he did some photos. Beautiful photos.

Maybe it's self-deception, but I wait. For my adult. I'm too much "child"! Now it's not funny! I have to learn and be responsible. It is expected from girl in my age.

Experimental note. Will be trying to continue to write in english ;)

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